In collaboration with Sanne Korpel, Daan Sieben and Femke Schaap
The world population keeps growing and food resources are limited, a food shortage is upon us. Therefore, it is of importance that we are going to eat more sustainable alternatives. However, people tend to be resistant to foods that they are unfamiliar with. Legumes contain many nutrients and therefore are a great substitute for meat. Legumes are farmed sustainably; this is due to their relatively low emission of greenhouse gases and their ability to improve soil quality.
BeanStack was designed to research if the interaction with plating and surprise elements would stimulate adults between the age of 18-30 to eat legumes. It consists of separate, removable layers that contain edible surprises to keep the user engaged throughout the eating process. The knowledge extracted from this research can be used to stimulate people to eat legumes or perhaps other foods that are important in the future.
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