Meciddo is developed to enhance therapy-compliant medication administration among young children aged 2 to 5 years. Functioning as a behavior-changing product, Meciddo aims to improve the administration of both long and short term medical treatments. Meciddo distinguishes itself by actively involving both caregivers and the child in the process of medication administration.
The final conceptual product consists of two connected components. Firstly, the product consists of an app, designed with and for caregivers, which guides them through the compliant administration process. Secondly, a tactile heart, specifically designed for the children, which they can add to any stuffed animal or toy of their choice. This heart alerts when medication needs to be given, and provides positive reinforcement though rewards after administration.
Meciddo provides a new and holistic approach to medication adherence by creating a comfortable and supportive environment for both caregivers and their young children.
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